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Wow! Imagine if there was more of this in the world!

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Wobbly bits, stretch marks, and thighs in USA Glamour Mag. Cool!

Wobbly bits, stretch marks, and thighs in USA Glamour Mag. Cool!

Wow! How beautiful to see a real body in a mainstream fashion and beauty mag. This image of Lizze Miller was published in the August 2009 edition of Glamour Magazine (USA). I don’t know who Lizzie is, but I’m sure glad to see her wobbly bits! I’ll see your roll Lizzie and raise you one (or two)!

I googled a bit to find out more about Lizzie and the image and apparently she’s a ‘plus-size’ model. THIS is plus-size??!! OMG.

Take a step in this direction…
Where does it take you?
Make a move — Feel the beat.

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