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This artwork by Charlotte Mann is created using a black marker straight onto the walls! The detail is amazing.

You would let your kids go mad on the walls with textas if it was going to turn out like this wouldn’t you?!



See more of Charlotte’s work on her website.

Found via The Donut Project (found via Just Creative Design’s Twitter feed! – here)

Not sure what all the tweet is about Twitter? Check it out on my other blog.


Wow! Imagine if there was more of this in the world!

Check out the website for more ‘boring tasks turned fun’!

P.S On my other blog I talk about how you ‘never should do anything’ – check it.

One of my favourite places to visit on the web and apparently an 'Australian website you should get to know'!

One of my favourite places to visit on the web and apparently an 'Australian website you should get to know'!

I’ve written about Pia’s website before – her blog is one of my favourite places to visit online. So I was delighted to see her blog featured on a list of ‘Australian Sites you should get to know‘, along with a number of other inspirational, creative websites.


Do you have a DREAM, and no/some/great ideas about what Next Step to take to Make It Happen!?

In this 3-hr hands-on Workshop, you will:

==> Get CRYSTAL CLEAR about your dream/passion/idea
==> Create a VISION BOARD to set your intentions into ACTION
==> Discover the NEXT STEPS to Make It Happen!

  • All materials included
  • Yummy snacks provided
  • 3-hrs
  • $66

Are you lucky enough to have discovered your passion and know what your dream is?

Do you have a plan for turning that dream into reality? For making 2009 the year you make it happen?

Join me and a small group of like-minded participants in the ‘Develop Your Dream’ Workshop to create a plan for moving forward.

What you’ll uncover:

  • Clarity about your dream
  • The next steps to take to live your dream
  • Who you need to connect with to help you create your dream
  • A Plan to make your dream a reality
  • Ideas for how to integrate your dream into ‘real life’

If you’re on the edge of creating your dream life, jump in now and make it happen!

Develop Your Dream Workshop – $66 – 3hrs

Secure your place now – limited to 10 participants.

One-on-one Coaching
Individual sessions to Develop Your Dream are always available – $125.
We’ll spend 1.5hrs together developing a plan to turn your dreams into reality.
This session is followed up with a phone call and email support.

Creating a Passionate Life – Denise, Karen, Shannon, Julia, Hayley, Deb, Jessie, Candy

This is the wonderful group of creative ladies who attended yesterday’s ‘How Much Joy Can You Stand Workshop’, pictured on the upstairs verandah outside the studio. We shared a gentle 3 hour introduction to living creative, passionate, joy-filled lives.

Some napped during the meditation, others discovered why they were here (at the workshop, not the planet 🙂

Deb created this beautiful ‘Tree of Life’ during the creativity exercise. She discovered that sometimes you need to move from where you are to somewhere different in order to create something special – perfect!

Instructions for leading a creative, passionate life —
Take some colour pens and some paper —
make a list of every-thing that gets your juices flowing — include anything that brings you joy or gives you a sense of self — What makes you feel like ‘you’?
Is it something that excites you?
What are the sounds, smells, tastes, textures, things that get you moving?
Here’s some of my list – what does yours look like? —
colour – beautiful things – old furniture – incense – chocolate – the ocean – timber – fabulous fabrics – vintage – antique crockery – candles – pretty patterns – tea…
Get the idea? So start your list now (You can add your list in the comments to this post!)
Now take a look at your list — Do you live your list? How much of your list is in your life? Can you add one more of your list to your life? How can you bring these wonderful things into your every-day?
These are your signposts for a passionate, creative life —
Create A Passionate Life!

Welcome to Passion Pages!
Let’s get excited and energised about our PASSIONS! I’m talking about what INSPIRES you in life; What get’s you out of bed in the morning (and if you’re having trouble with that, then Passion Pages is just what you need!).
Every day I’ll give you another of my Passion Pages as well as ideas, inspiration, stories and links to people and places that get me excited!
I’ll make an ‘About Me’ post shortly if you’re interested to know more about the person behind Passion Pages – Jools.