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Wow! Imagine if there was more of this in the world!

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I get love letters from the Universe.

I dreamed of us again last night, Julia.

You were wearing your rabbit PJ’s again.

And we were wondering about the consequences of a role reversal. You know, me as you and you as me, for a day or so.

But you were right. I keep forgetting to hop… and you keep forgetting that the entire world is spinning in the palm of your hand.

Hop, hop –
The Universe

Julia, you could’ve told me you left chocolate in the pockets.

These lovely notes make me smile every day when they pop into my Inbox. Sign up for your own notes from the Universe here.

All images courtesy of NASA – (from top Summer Night in Astronomy Town, Ultraviolet AndromedaThe Butterfly Nebula from upgraded Hubble)

I found some new blogs today!

This adorable paper mache sailboat at Ann Wood.

This simple and striking platform bed via An Indian Summer.

This paper crane lamp via for me, for you from Tas-ka.

AND, this funky little tripod that lets you attach your camera to just about anything! Here.