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I love it when I find a new blog that has me trawling through every single post in the archives. And I love it when I find them through links and references on other blogs I read.

That’s what happened this week (stay with me here – all links will open in a new window, so feel free to click click click, keep reading, then go look! )…

I was reading through My Girl who had made a gorgeous ‘Bushka Doll’ which landed on the bed of Charli…


– so I clicked through to Swish and Swanky to read all about ‘Charli’s Bedroom Tour’


Charli is the daughter of Simone at Beach Vintage, so I clicked on over to that blog to see what I could see. A Kitchen skirt! I’m in love with this blog already!


And this is where I get lost… Do you read the comments? I do – So I was reading the comments on one of the posts of one of these lovely blogs and came across a comment by ‘West Aussie Wedding’. I don’t remember what the comment was, but it was the name of the blog that intrigued me. I’m not about to get married, so wedding blogs aren’t particularly on my radar, but Western Australia is. I recently returned from WA after my Nana’s funeral and the vast majority of extended family lives there.

So I clicked…


And found beautiful brides… and gorgeous wedding settings… and fabulous shoes and head pieces, and flowers. I made my way through months of archives. I love this girl’s style – the things she finds to post – and I enjoy her writing style.

That’s my new blog love for now. Enjoy.

[All pics from the blogs mentioned. West Aussie Wedding collage (bottom) by me from pics on the blog]
One of my favourite places to visit on the web and apparently an 'Australian website you should get to know'!

One of my favourite places to visit on the web and apparently an 'Australian website you should get to know'!

I’ve written about Pia’s website before – her blog is one of my favourite places to visit online. So I was delighted to see her blog featured on a list of ‘Australian Sites you should get to know‘, along with a number of other inspirational, creative websites.

I found some new blogs today!

This adorable paper mache sailboat at Ann Wood.

This simple and striking platform bed via An Indian Summer.

This paper crane lamp via for me, for you from Tas-ka.

AND, this funky little tripod that lets you attach your camera to just about anything! Here.