Remember back in primary school, when you learnt about the four basic human needs – food, water, shelter and clothing?

Well I’m seriously lacking in appropriate coverings for my body right now. I appreciate I live in a wealthy society where so much is wasted – I’m not talking over-consumption here people. Let’s not lose our heads!

Bottom line is, I need me some new threads!

I thought it would be a good idea to look around online first and get an idea of what I want before I go shopping (not to mention finding the $$). I spent ages googling ‘fashion blogs’ and what-not, until I was about ready to give up! Then behold!

Finally I found some online fashion inspiration!

Thanks to Birdsnest Online and Brown Sugar Online I have found my muse!… And I’ve even given you the prices and links down below if you see anything you like!

Black and Denim for all occasions

Stockists and prices for you! (from top to bottom)

Ladakh Venus Dress (Birdsnest Online $64.95)

Vintage Jean Belt (black) (Brown Sugar $49.95)

Rouched Denim Bag (Brown Sugar $89.95)

Jag Straight Leg High Rise Jean (Birdsnest Online $129.95)

Feather Headband (Birdsnest Online $19.95)

Ladakh White Horse Tank (Birdsnest Online $49.95)

Wide Engraved Bangle (Brown Sugar$24.95)

Multi Silver Bracelets (Brown Sugar $19.95)

Jag Denim Jacket (Birdsnest Online $149.95)

Yumi Skony Gathered Hem Dress (Birdsnest Online $99.95)

Misanao Buckle Shoe (mustard) (Birdsnest Online $89.95)

Indy C Tartan Scarf (yellow) (Birdsnest Online $39.95)

Sass Ebony Strapless Dress (Birdsnest Online $89.95)

Sequin Clutch (Brown Sugar $69.95)

Walnut Ballet Flat (red) (Birdsnest Online $39.95)

Indy C Shoes Weave detail peep toe (Birdsnest Online $79.95)

Collage created by me from the awesome images on these fantastic fashion sites. I’ve got another collage coming soon with a bit more summer colour.
Studio 56 Octave $139.95