If you’ve ever found yourself thinking… “There’s got to be MORE to life than this!!” then this workshop is for you!

Have you ever wondered… “What should I do with the rest of my life?”… or “What will I be when I grow up?” (at any age!)… then come along to this 3-hour group class and have those questions answered.

Join us in (re)discovering your passions, finding out what brings you joy, maybe even begin to re-invent yourself.

If you’ve always had that niggling feeling that there’s something else for you in life, come along to find out what to do about that!

How Much Joy Workshop – Saturday 24th January 2009, 12pm – 3pm

  • How Much Joy Can You Stand? $66 (3hrs)

    -Discover your passion
    -Get excited about life!
    -Re-discover your joy

    A fun workshop designed to get you excited about life and your passions

    with me! Creative Consultant and Life/Soul Coach Julia Herne

Workshops are limited to 10 participants and require a minimum of 6 participants.
Workshops are held in my home studio at Wellington Point (Redlands, near Cleveland). For more information and to book your place, email me at juliah@iinet.net.au.

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