I’m making an ‘extenda-floor’ for Jeremiah Bullfrog (my lovely little RAV4). I’ll put my double foam mattress on the platform – ala comfort camping out of the mud!

Here’s some progress pics at the ‘not quite right’ stage…. a re-think on the legs and I’ll be done!

This is how it will work when it’s done! But with better stronger legs – these ones are folly!!

The blocks of wood here sit against the two hooks that protrude from the floor of the car – the type of latches that you clasp a child’s car seat to. I’m going to screw a long screw into the side of each of these blocks so that the screw ‘locks’ into the latches – giving extra stability.

Preparing for construction!

I has skillz!

The reason I’m making new legs tomorrow! These ones were drunk….