I took this photo of a Mangrove plant reaching for the sky at Wellington Point

Do you sometimes hear (or read) something that immediately triggers something in you? A ‘ding’ goes off and you say ‘YES! I get that!’.

I got two this week.

As some of you know, I’m a Life Coach. I subscribe to countless newsletters relating to coaching. Most of the time I give the emails a quick scan, save what looks interesting into the ‘Coaching’ folder in my email program and delete the rest. I’m glad I read this one.

In my role as a coach the topic of ‘success’ or ‘happiness’ comes up – and what exactly these are. I believe success and happiness are relative – meaning they’re different for different people. Pretty obvious you might think? Sometimes it’s hard to pin down just what success is for you.

Back to the newsletter I received and the ‘ah hah’ moment for me. When I read this, I got the *ding*:

“Success is enjoying the journey.”
Christian Mickelsen, Coach)

That pretty much sums it up for me! We can all set goals – short term, long term, in-between term… Is our success when the goal is achieved? Maybe. Maybe the goal changed along the way and what you thought was important turned out to be not so much. If you’re ‘enjoying the journey’ it won’t matter so much and you’ll more than likely be open to new and exciting opportunities!

Here’s my second *ding*:

Listen to the words of this Melinda Schneider song.

“Be yourself, everybody else is taken”

Good advice.