My lovely young friend Jessie just turned 22. The clever girl set a theme for her birthday gifts – wattle.

She requested “… a sprig of wattle. Any variety. Fresh or dried or pressed, or even just sad and wilted. Or an entire freakin’ tree in a pot. Or even made of paddle-pop sticks and yellow tac; or cunningly crafted of 24 carat gold. So long as you can justify it in a convincing and entertaining fashion for the amusement of all.”

And reading this I thought… “Oh wattle I do?” (haha).

I found the perfect gift – a handmade purse/wristlet – at Lyssy May’s, but still hadn’t accomplished the wattle task. So as my Mum always said (and as I say to my daughter…) “why don’t you MAKE something?” After a quick Google search for Golden Wattle I found an amazing image on a really cool blog by Hashi. So I set about drawing and painting a birthday card and wrapping paper…

I asked Jessie “why the wattle?” and she told me the sweetest story! She said when she was a little girl, too young to comprehend the passing of months, she would ask her Dad when it would be her birthday. He told her to look for the wattle. “When the wattle comes out, that’s when it’s your birthday.”

How adorable! Happy Birthday Jessie Cat! xo 🙂