How cool is this ‘softie’ Rollerskate (found here)?!
When I was 13 I had a pair of skates just like this, only with red wheels and stopper. WOW I can actually SMELL them just by looking at this image!! That new rollerskate smell 🙂 mmmmmm
When I was about 15 I was too cool for boot skates and got a pair of speed skates, like this… (found here)
only they were black and orange boots.
I haven’t been roller skating for maybe nearly 20 years! Although I did go ice skating recently.
You’ve got to hear this awesome version (by Tommy Wallach) of one of my all-time favourite songs while you’re admiring these lovely images 🙂 (pssst you can drag the little play button thing straight to 3:29 to skip the story, if you’re pushed for time – but hey, take a break it’s a cute story! 🙂