Instructions for leading a creative, passionate life —
Take some colour pens and some paper —
make a list of every-thing that gets your juices flowing — include anything that brings you joy or gives you a sense of self — What makes you feel like ‘you’?
Is it something that excites you?
What are the sounds, smells, tastes, textures, things that get you moving?
Here’s some of my list – what does yours look like? —
colour – beautiful things – old furniture – incense – chocolate – the ocean – timber – fabulous fabrics – vintage – antique crockery – candles – pretty patterns – tea…
Get the idea? So start your list now (You can add your list in the comments to this post!)
Now take a look at your list — Do you live your list? How much of your list is in your life? Can you add one more of your list to your life? How can you bring these wonderful things into your every-day?
These are your signposts for a passionate, creative life —
Create A Passionate Life!