Oh dear sweet Mother of Dog…. I’ve discovered Polyvore!

Yellow and Grey

Do you like the outfits I’ve created?

I think I’m in clothing heaven.

Create your own sets here.

Remember back in primary school, when you learnt about the four basic human needs – food, water, shelter and clothing?

Well I’m seriously lacking in appropriate coverings for my body right now. I appreciate I live in a wealthy society where so much is wasted – I’m not talking over-consumption here people. Let’s not lose our heads!

Bottom line is, I need me some new threads!

I thought it would be a good idea to look around online first and get an idea of what I want before I go shopping (not to mention finding the $$). I spent ages googling ‘fashion blogs’ and what-not, until I was about ready to give up! Then behold!

Finally I found some online fashion inspiration!

Thanks to Birdsnest Online and Brown Sugar Online I have found my muse!… And I’ve even given you the prices and links down below if you see anything you like!

Black and Denim for all occasions

Stockists and prices for you! (from top to bottom)

Ladakh Venus Dress (Birdsnest Online $64.95)

Vintage Jean Belt (black) (Brown Sugar $49.95)

Rouched Denim Bag (Brown Sugar $89.95)

Jag Straight Leg High Rise Jean (Birdsnest Online $129.95)

Feather Headband (Birdsnest Online $19.95)

Ladakh White Horse Tank (Birdsnest Online $49.95)

Wide Engraved Bangle (Brown Sugar$24.95)

Multi Silver Bracelets (Brown Sugar $19.95)

Jag Denim Jacket (Birdsnest Online $149.95)

Yumi Skony Gathered Hem Dress (Birdsnest Online $99.95)

Misanao Buckle Shoe (mustard) (Birdsnest Online $89.95)

Indy C Tartan Scarf (yellow) (Birdsnest Online $39.95)

Sass Ebony Strapless Dress (Birdsnest Online $89.95)

Sequin Clutch (Brown Sugar $69.95)

Walnut Ballet Flat (red) (Birdsnest Online $39.95)

Indy C Shoes Weave detail peep toe (Birdsnest Online $79.95)

Collage created by me from the awesome images on these fantastic fashion sites. I’ve got another collage coming soon with a bit more summer colour.
Studio 56 Octave $139.95

I love it when I find a new blog that has me trawling through every single post in the archives. And I love it when I find them through links and references on other blogs I read.

That’s what happened this week (stay with me here – all links will open in a new window, so feel free to click click click, keep reading, then go look! )…

I was reading through My Girl who had made a gorgeous ‘Bushka Doll’ which landed on the bed of Charli…


– so I clicked through to Swish and Swanky to read all about ‘Charli’s Bedroom Tour’


Charli is the daughter of Simone at Beach Vintage, so I clicked on over to that blog to see what I could see. A Kitchen skirt! I’m in love with this blog already!


And this is where I get lost… Do you read the comments? I do – So I was reading the comments on one of the posts of one of these lovely blogs and came across a comment by ‘West Aussie Wedding’. I don’t remember what the comment was, but it was the name of the blog that intrigued me. I’m not about to get married, so wedding blogs aren’t particularly on my radar, but Western Australia is. I recently returned from WA after my Nana’s funeral and the vast majority of extended family lives there.

So I clicked…


And found beautiful brides… and gorgeous wedding settings… and fabulous shoes and head pieces, and flowers. I made my way through months of archives. I love this girl’s style – the things she finds to post – and I enjoy her writing style.

That’s my new blog love for now. Enjoy.

[All pics from the blogs mentioned. West Aussie Wedding collage (bottom) by me from pics on the blog]
Roasted Beet-Tofu Burgers

Roasted Beet-Tofu Burgers

I’m a Vegetarian. Pretty much Vegan actually. When people discover this they usually ask two questions: Why? and What do you eat?.

Italian Layered Vegetable Casserole

Italian Layered Vegetable Casserole

The answer to the second question is easy: Everything! Except animals. That leaves a huge amount of food to choose from!

The answer to the first question wasn’t always easy. It took me a few years to work out why I wanted to be Vegetarian and then almost 6 months to become fully Vegetarian. That was about 5 years ago.

Blueberry Banana Bread

Blueberry Banana Bread

I became Vegetarian because it felt authentic to me. I had thoughts about eating animals that weren’t matching with my actions. And this article by Jonathan Safran Foer is the first time I’ve heard that expressed. It’s a great article for anyone considering becoming Vegetarian or Vegan even. It’s not evangelical, it’s clear and logical and beautifully written. It’s about family and tradition and how big a part food plays in developing our childhood memories.


Vegetarian = No meat (including fish)

Vegan = No animal products at all including dairy, eggs, honey, leather, feathers etc.

I’m not out to convert anyone. It works for me. If you’re interested read the article (you may have to register to read – but it’s free and easy!) and check out some of these fantastic Vegetarian/Vegan blogs for recipes and inspiration! Yum!

Blogs to check out

Fat-free Vegan Kitchen – Susan’s blog is full of beautiful Vegan recipies and kindly agreed to let me use her photos for this post. Thanks Susan! I love the sound of Coconut Chai Breakfast Cake.

What the hell does a Vegan eat anyway? – Another blog with hundreds of delicious sounding recipes… and a great title!

Almost Vegetarian – More great recipes and information.

All images courtesy of Fat-free Vegan Kitchen.


This artwork by Charlotte Mann is created using a black marker straight onto the walls! The detail is amazing.

You would let your kids go mad on the walls with textas if it was going to turn out like this wouldn’t you?!



See more of Charlotte’s work on her website.

Found via The Donut Project (found via Just Creative Design’s Twitter feed! – here)

Not sure what all the tweet is about Twitter? Check it out on my other blog.

Wow! Imagine if there was more of this in the world!

Check out the website for more ‘boring tasks turned fun’!

P.S On my other blog I talk about how you ‘never should do anything’ – check it.





I’m off to Perth tonight. I’ll attend my second ever funeral. The first was for my Grandma and this one is for my Nana.

My family and I visited Nana and Poppy on their wheat and sheep farm in rural south-western Western Australia a couple of times when we were small. I remember the landscape was dry and red and beautiful.

And I remember the beautiful WA wildflowers.

The gorgeous images from top – (1) Kangaroo Paw from rob_oz’s flickr photostream, (2) WA Wildflowers from agypsy’s flicker photostream, (3) Sturt’s Desert Pea from 5438_Franco’s flickr photostream, (4) Foxtails from UnclePedro’s flickr photostream




I get love letters from the Universe.

I dreamed of us again last night, Julia.

You were wearing your rabbit PJ’s again.

And we were wondering about the consequences of a role reversal. You know, me as you and you as me, for a day or so.

But you were right. I keep forgetting to hop… and you keep forgetting that the entire world is spinning in the palm of your hand.

Hop, hop –
The Universe

Julia, you could’ve told me you left chocolate in the pockets.

These lovely notes make me smile every day when they pop into my Inbox. Sign up for your own notes from the Universe here.

All images courtesy of NASA – (from top Summer Night in Astronomy Town, Ultraviolet AndromedaThe Butterfly Nebula from upgraded Hubble)

This is what a Cyclamen should look like

This is what a Cyclamen should look like

This is NOT what the Cyclamen on my kitchen window sill looks like, not at all.

[Image from here]

One of my favourite places to visit on the web and apparently an 'Australian website you should get to know'!

One of my favourite places to visit on the web and apparently an 'Australian website you should get to know'!

I’ve written about Pia’s website before – her blog is one of my favourite places to visit online. So I was delighted to see her blog featured on a list of ‘Australian Sites you should get to know‘, along with a number of other inspirational, creative websites.